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Tue, 11 / 12 / 2018
Pressure of 'the violent' perforce
About the bus driver for that model management Cooperatives (Cooperatives) for buses are express lack scientific. Car owners participating in co-operative as in Vienna, but directly to the executive and not administrative, the city with output type "on the beat" (ie of guests this year to higher years ago) ... Bus Drivers are Ganh somewhere on two types: the Road - blockhouse and pressure from the cup.

Long long time not only prompted the driver, all buses are always on the end of the car to make many doctors do not run as the race, not the type of guests "fast fast" is not.

"Today the running type, get that food here, familiar voices of" sếp "(car owners) out on the right ear when his car driver Bus routes west - Go Vap extended car slowed because the traffic on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai in the morning 1 / 4. We giật as his doctors speed up the run, run very fast to return the item was lost to gratify sếp cause many people sitting on buses and take guests on a dozen Fire phen.

"They pay for that, much as you make a lot of customers last month also added bonus, you are way construction, a bus driver is in the oil wharves to the place straight.


Bus Drivers must always yield to more pressure from the management system and the roads HCMC. Photo: An Nhon

Besides the direct operation, the doctors of the pressure is remote because the time ngặt quite poor. Han Saigon people still remember very clearly the HTX bus RESOLVED to go rob the network of 3 people in a family at the Nhi Thien Duong, District 8. Cooperatives are stipulated in 1 minute late, the driver was fined 30,000 Vietnamese Dong. Regulations on making many more when driving despite the danger and intrigue as.

For example, the route Bus East - Hoc Mon nearly 30 km long, if the cultivation of the co-operative, a driver must run a complete within 75 minutes. On average driving 1 km run for more than 2 minutes. Uncle of many long years to calculate this number must also shake head, both good mồ hôi hot.

Even Mr. Nguyen Tan Tao, Head of the co-operative transport 15 must also recognize a long line of cars to run in 75 minutes, first 10 km, the driver very often or for guests, even back to back parking more welcome, then they run like that under the time. Withdraw the remaining new really dangerous. To avoid the cutoff in the car first 10 km, this co-operative installed a stopwatch column landmark 10th km drive to click to confirm your place.

"Model co-operative management is accidentally given a lot for the car owners, creating more pressure for a driver. For example: two cars in line are the price for 300,000 dong a month, this amount does not change, but one run to the guests as much revenue as high making the car owner despite security for guests to pull more profits more, "Mr. Register analysis.

In addition, according to Mr. Post Phung Hai, Chairman of United Cooperatives city, type of production on the city's co-operatives are the causes of conflict. The city has always required output of this month to more than the previous month to receive the adequate support price, creating pressure for co-operatives, for in Vienna. In Hanoi not to block the production of HCMC that support cost is calculated by how many hours holes, offset much.

Training roads by the full ray, the contact-free car, petrol price has reduced so many people choose to bike more, the sense of compliance with traffic rules of the road is poor ... The fact is also creating a repository of the world on the bus, according to Mr. Hai.

For co-operatives, the recruitment of skilled drivers have high current also quite difficult, most of the bus driver the highest level is level 2. This clearly impacts quite well to the safety issues in bus traffic. "Currently, there are many driver do not, we only want to work but can not find out where people should substitute for the bus driver continued," who heads the United Cooperatives city approved.

Dr. Pham Xuan Mai, Dean technical traffic University of Technology, HCMC, said the operation bus in HCM City are the problem. "Structure not reasonable: 3 companies, 25 co-operatives are not concentrated and operating professionals should not cause many problems of traffic safety," Mr. Mai said.

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